Stage 2

Stage 2 - Now Leasing, opening late 2012


Stage 2 will comprise of a modern neighbourhood centre including 3 NEW MAJOR TENANTS.

  • Tavern 1000m2 & Liquor Barn 1200m2
  • Service Station
  • Fast Food - Drive Through
  • 780m2 of Specialty shops available

The centre will be located on the vacant land immediately to the north of the existing Coomera City Centre. In total the development will comprise of 3376m2 of retail.

Aerial Coomera City Centre Stage 2

Benefits of Leasing with Coomera City Centre Stage 2

  • Largest shopping centre in all of Coomera
  • Anchor tenant Woolworths
  • Stage 1 is fully leased
  • Three new major tenants - Tavern & Liquor Barn, Service Station, Fast Food Drive Through
  • Modern neighbourhood open air design
  • Open ground level car park
  • New overpass from the east side of the M1 will link directly onto Commercial Street on our site
  • Located directly opposite the new Masters Home Improvement Store + Aldi
  • Easy vehicle access from Days Road and Old Coach Road

Trade Analysis

The trade area for the proposed West Coomera centre currently has a population of around 17,600 people. The population is forecast to grow significantly, reaching 26,510 people by 2016 and 30,510 people by 2026, an increase of 12,800 people from the current level. The primary trade area is forecast to account for 5,550 people or 43% of this growth.

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Coomera City Centre Stage 2

Food Expenditure

Spending on food, which includes take-home food and liquor and eating out at the likes of restaurants, cafes and take-away food establishments, is forecast to increase from $95 million in 2009 to $129 million in 2012 and $161 million in 2016 (expressed in constant $2009 ex GST). Over the next seven years the food market generated by trade area residents is forecast to grow by 69% or $65 million.

Coomera City Centre Stage 2

Non Food Expenditure

Spending on non-food items, including apparel, homewares, bulky goods, etc, is forecast to increase from $85 million in 2009 to $120 million in 2012 and $158 million in 2016. The non-food market is therefor forecast to increase by $73 million or 86% over the next seven years. In total, the retail spending by trade area residents is forecast to inclrease by $138 million or 77% over the period 2009 to 2016.

Coomera City Centre Stage 2

The future growth in the population and retail spending markets will generate demand for additional retail facilities to cater to the needs of existing and future residents of the trade area.

Coomera City Centre Stage 2

Regional Information

In order to cater for the rapidly growing markets of Upper Coomera and more recently Coomera Gold Coast City Council has made provisions for a range of shopping centres in it's Planning Scheme.

The following range of Retail Centres and convenience centres have been implemented over the past five years or so as the need has arisen.

  • The development of our Coomera City Centre anchored by Woolworths Supermarket plus specialty shops.
  • Upper Coomera Centre anchored by Coles which opened in October 2005.
  • Upper Coomera Village anchored by Bi-Lo opened in February 2005.
  • Brygon Creek Drive with an IGA Supermarket Based Centre opened in September 2005.
  • The Hub, a small local centre opposite Coomera City Centre.

Further Local Development

Directly adjacent to Stage 2 on the West side of Old Coach Rd Upper Coomera is a new development recently completed.

Anchored by a 1670m2 Aldi Supermarket, Caltex Service Station, Car Wash, 350m2 of Specialty Shops and a 3.5 Ha Masters Home Improvement Store.

The Hub Centre is located behind our existing Woolworths Super Market at the intersection of Days Rd and Old Coach Rd has recently opened in December 2011 a BP Service Station and a Drive Thru Fast Food Outlet.

The Gold Coast City Council is proactive in the future of the Coomera Town Centre on the Eastern Side of the M1 at Coomera.


Disclaimer: This information involves future forecast and it can be effected by unforeseen variables. It represents for the Stage 2 Development the best estimates but no assurance is able to be given by Lewani Springs Resort Pty Ltd - illustrations are indicitive only.

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